Decluttering: a real discipline

Decluttering improves life and helps you feel good about yourself


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Decluttering is not just about tidying up but also about living better and being happier. Decluttering means getting rid of too many useless things that you have accumulated at home and in your life in general.

A real discipline


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Decluttering is a form of liberation, of discipline, of lightening up your daily life: less clutter in the house means more space, more free time, less housework, faster and easier house cleaning. But that’s not all: decluttering (and maintaining a minimal lifestyle) also brings important mental benefits. First of all, consider that decluttering does not just mean freeing up the wardrobe but involves a radical change in your lifestyle, more based on your essence and minimalism, less on pure consumerism and instant gratification.

The advantages of a tidy house

Tidy house

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A free and tidy house allows you to find everything quickly (and to put it back without effort). Your day starts better if you leave free and light. When you know that you should tidy up but you don’t have the time and/or desire, this generates a lot of stress in you, regardless of the fact that the disorder increases. A tidy home eliminates this problem and greatly reduces your stress. When the things you have around the house are linked to emotional or sentimental memories, this can generate discomfort, sadness, resentment, or guilt. By getting rid of some of these objects without problems you will be more serene and you will be able to give the past the right weight (and space!)

In your life: it will be easier to turn the page and look to the future with joy. When you are forced to spend all Saturday tidying up in the cellar, you understand that if you hadn’t accumulated all those useless things stacked in a corner, you could invest those hours in a serene and more rewarding activity.

A minimal lifestyle


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Home stress can be easily eliminated by minimizing the number of things you have in the house. By embracing a minimalist lifestyle, you will be more focused on the things that really matter, you will have clearer ideas about what you really want, you will be more aware of your needs and those of your family.

Decluttering can be applied to the home, to commitments, to apps on your mobile phone, or to friendships: by learning to surround yourself with a few beautiful things and only people who bring you positivity, you will have benefits from many points of view. You will reduce the physical and emotional stress that you accumulate every day. So, you can rewrite your life, positively.

Digital decluttering: it’s time to clean up your pc and smartphone! You can start with the management of the mailbox, continue with the problem of WhatsApp images, the organization of the desktop, and the chronology, in order to see how to clean PCs and smartphones thanks to the guidelines of digital decluttering. How you do this. You can simply start to confront yourself with the issues below and then start action:

1. How many emails have you not read yet?

2. Images: it’s time to start choosing!

3. What are your interests today?

4. Do I have a Zen desktop?

5. The weight of memory…

6. Do I keep my profile up to date!

7. Learn to filter information!

8. Stop notifications!

9. Erase the past

10. Which are the contacts to which I say bye, bye, see you soon or … never again?

Is it all clear now and simpler? We bet it is!