Home Hacks That Everyone Wishes They Knew Sooner

Possessing or renting a home doesn’t even need to be so challenging, but it bursts with its own set of issues. New matches to tidying up and upholding your home are offered by plenty of quick and easy fixes. For instance, 24 hours freshness to your bathroom is given by essential oils. Or picking up pet hair becomes easy by using a certain household tool. These home hacks below will definitely make your life that much simpler, from easy chores by the house to storage shortcuts that offer more space you didn’t know you possessed.

Your hammer should be glued to a magnet for this reason…

Bumpers In Your Garage Can Be Made of Pool Noodles


Too bad some people have to fit their autos into such narrow gaps, as, just like humans, not all parking lots are made the same… A pool noodle should be sliced in half and the resulted pieces should be attached to either side of the garage walls, for those that own a small garage.

Instead of slapping walls, the doors will nudge gently facing the noodles, when you get out of your auto. No more hits on your auto door, and no more mess-up stains on the wall!

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