How to prepare the mind for a good sleep?

good sleep

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The good night diary

Do you remember when the examination of conscience was done as a child? Think about what you would write today. The things done, the problems encountered, how you solved that trick or the friend you met by chance that you have not seen for years: every day is the sum of actions, large or apparently insignificant, which together make up the story of our life.

Taking a moment to summarize the day spent thinking and writing it (also called journaling activity) puts an order, allows you to see even the biggest concerns more clearly, and makes you smile about what we might not even have noticed. Writing a diary is therapeutic: keep a notebook on the bedside table, in which to write a thought every evening accompanied by a cup of chamomile and mallow.

Meditation and relaxation


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We breathe every moment of our life, yet most of the time we don’t realize it. When you go to bed, take two minutes to relax, choose a comfortable position, and start breathing. Feel the air! Slowly, very slowly, keep breathing with your mouth open as your belly swells and the air goes deep. Like a balloon deflating, exhale all the air and then start inhaling again, for a few cycles, until you feel your body relax and your mind stops, immersed in the pure coming and going of the breath.

Be aware of your breathing, of every part of your body, of the calm that gradually overwhelms you. Close your eyes and visualize an immense meadow, the sea, or a place that is particularly dear to you. Breathe deeply and feel the light caressing your skin.

Observe every detail: there are all those you love, even those who are no longer there. The sun lights up and warms you: get intoxicated by the landscape, imagine the sound of a river nearby, and the smell of cut grass. A very sweet postcard with which to wish you good night: according to visualizing a landscape that gives peace, it helps to rest your eyes and lower your stress levels after just a few seconds.

Visualize a color, the first one that springs to mind. Already ancient people, such as Egyptians and Sumerians, in the treatment processes used the therapeutic properties of colors to heal. The shades we need vary according to the moments and chapters of life: close your eyes, imagine a color, feel its energy.

Imagine the strength of this color: its light envelops your body, caresses you, enters you, enveloping your organs. You can turn this moment of meditation into a small good night ritual, to meet sleep first of all with space for decompression and relaxation. Don’t forget to surround yourself with your favorite colors, with a dress, objects, or wall paint – they will help instantly tune you in as often as you need.


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Water, the sound of waterfalls or sounds in nature, classical or electronic music: experiment with different authors and genres to create a collection of music capable of relaxing. In time, it will be your soundtrack for when you want to immediately find a haven of quiet.

Pack a small pillow stuffed with lavender flo.ers, a treat for yourself or as a gift: its intense scent will accompany you towards sleep with sweetness, letting you close your eyes in the dream of a flowery field where you can lie down on a spring day. Put two drops of your favorite essential oil on the pillow.

Good night!