Most requested and best paid green jobs

What are the most requested green professions? What is needed in order to be able to work by caring about sustainability? What are the most sought-after green professions?

Sustainable cook


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To be an up-to-date chef knowing how to cook and prepare dishes is not enough, what is required is an ability to be able to pay attention to quality brands, organic and zero kilometer productions, and, above all, reduce waste and recycle at maximum.

Highest efficiency electrical grid installer

Green jobs

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An example? Installers of photovoltaic systems. These professionals are required skills ranging from energy efficiency to renewable energy, but that’s not enough. There must be continuous updating on technical and technological innovations which must also be accompanied by a knowledge of the reference regulatory framework, in other words, a true super-expert.

Green mechatronics

Mechanics and electricians will soon retire in the future, more precisely from 2023, we will have the “mechatronics”. A real step towards sustainability also for the automotive sector since mechatronics combines electronics, mechanics, and information technology, to make the rhombus of our engines more performing and efficient, also in terms of energy.

Installer of air conditioning systems with low environmental impact

If air conditioners and high energy consumption were once an essential combination, now this is no longer the case. The air conditioning sector has evolved in recent years, guaranteeing comfort and cutting the bill at the same time. This has led to the demand for greater “green” skills also for installers aimed at ensuring energy efficiency and sustainability in the performance of their business.

Expert in energy management (energy engineer)

Green energy

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The energy engineer is a very important professional figure, his role can be spent from the energy production phase to its consumption. His skills, ranging from renewable sources to energy efficiency, guarantee an extra gear to quickly find a good job.

Building promoter of sustainable materials

The construction sector is also increasingly “green”, from the materials used to the construction techniques, sustainability is making a difference in this area. But what does the developer of sustainable materials do? Its activity takes the form of consultancy and technical support aimed at encouraging the correct use of natural building materials, in the application of technologies and construction techniques for the energy requalification of buildings, all this in order to reduce the environmental impact of the construction sector. So for those who, since childhood, dreamed of building palaces and saving the world, why not to try?

Green industrial mechanic


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Sustainability and energy efficiency are now protagonists in many companies, which is why they buy new machinery or transform old ones. The green industrial mechanic takes care of installing and maintaining this new industrial machinery. A true green superhero of screwdrivers and bolts.

Environmental jurist

The eco-jurist carries out consultancy, representation, and assistance in the interpretation of environmental legislation, which today is increasingly rigid and restrictive and therefore requires specialized figures. Environmental sustainability and the propensity for energy efficiency in the specific case of lawyers and solicitors are skills considered very important for the profession even in 98% of cases!

Environmental IT

Green job

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Do you know who develops the software for the remote control of household appliances, for the management of heating and cooling systems, or for monitoring consumption? Environmental computer scientists, a job capable of combining technology with respect for the planet and its resources.

Green Accounting Specialist

It is up to this figure to examine, analyze, and interpret accounting information to formulate opinions and prepare proposals on accounting, tax, and financial issues related to sustainability and especially energy efficiency. An example? Think about the importance of a professional, within a company, expert in the field of tax incentives, from eco-bonuses to white certificates. Definitely a winning profession!