These Hacks Will Have You Reorganizing Your Kitchen In No Time

For a lot of people, the kitchen is where the magic happens. It’s a sacred place that is all theirs, and so they want to organize it just right. But where to begin? There are too many awkward kitchen utensils and Tupperware that it is almost impossible to utilize space correctly.

Luckily, there are kitchen organization hacks that might spark some creativity! So, grab a drill, a hammer, and maybe a pegboard or two, because you’re going to have major kitchen-inspiration after looking over these hacks.

Use A Six-Pack To Organize Condiments

The Family Handyman/Pinterest

If you have small condiment bottles in your fridge, then you know they can fall over and become a jumbled mess. Not to worry, we have a solution! Try using a cardboard six-pack to help organize all of the bottles.

Just stick the pack in one of the door shelves so it is out of the way of the main area, and place all of the bottles neatly in the sleeves. You’ll never have to worry about bottles falling out of the fridge when you’re opening the door again!