Tips for a mother’s good sleep

Children are able to activate an immense amount of energy, within themselves and in the surrounding world: immersed in bills, children, and an all-encompassing routine, we often forget how good it is to cultivate our daily dose of enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm and time for yourself

Self care

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Take life decisively, draw strength from difficulties: it is there, inside you. You just have to see it. Be active: dance, swim, run. Don’t forget to play, because play moves the body and joking casts a light in the shadows. The day will end by falling asleep tired and happy. And when you wake up even if you already know you have to face a hard day, give yourself a small final prize. Time for something you love, a moment to dedicate only to you: a little thing will help make you feel more energetic and ready for the day.

The ideal environment


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Darkness and silence are important to rest well. Look for silence. Turn off TV, tablet, computer: leave the technology out of the room, you will also limit electromagnetic pollution, in addition to avoiding the harmful tendency to stay up late in front of a screen or worse falling asleep in front of the TV, a habit that is harmful to sleep quality. It cures the sensation of immediate relaxation that every bedroom should inspire in those who use it.

Place the bed near a source of natural light. This way, waking up will be easier if you leave the blinds halfway. Paint the walls with the colors you love. Create a corner with books, magazines, and objects that are part of your free time.

TV and computers? Get out of the bedroom! This applies to adults and especially children. Feng Shui agrees with the idea that the bed should not have its feet oriented towards the door. Choose a comfortable bed with a good mattress.

There are those who love the warm cuddle of flannel, especially in winter, and those who would never give up the caress of white cotton, capable of bringing back the childhood home: prepare the bed with love. Falling asleep between sheets that smell of laundry is even more beautiful. Add a few extra pillows to lean on to read or embroider, a drop of relaxing essential oil on the pillow, and a warm, low light that creates the atmosphere in an instant. Remove the clock from the walls and keep the room ventilated: a comfortable nest is the first step to sweet relaxation.

Beauty pampering


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Eliminating traces of make-up is an excellent habit for the beauty of the skin, but it is also a moment of your own: live this little ritual as a space to dedicate to your well-being. As a make-up remover you can use a natural oil, excellent for removing all traces of make-up and highly nutritious: just pour a few drops on a cotton pad and massage the skin, from the eyelids to the neck. Rinse your face with warm water: a delicious alternative to the tonic is the mineral-rich thermal spray water.


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The extra touch? Use fragrances that stimulate your smile, smells you love, products you believe in: learning to take care of ourselves is a long journey. And then treat yourself to the warm embrace of a relaxing hot shower. Turn off the light and light up the bathroom with a candle. We are unaccustomed to the dark. Slowly massage your body during the hot bath, from the ankles to the face, upwards, with a natural oil: citrus, shea, coconut, jasmine, or whatever your favorite fragrance is. It will be a precious cuddle.

Do not create unnecessary anxieties thinking that you have to fall asleep immediately or you will run the risk of postponing your sleep appointment. Relax! Leave a night cream on the bedside table and gently massage your face: from the neck to the cheekbones, temples, nose, and forehead. Run across the skin in small circular motions.