Flawless Beauty Hacks That Make Your Life Prettier And Easier

If you’ve ever struggled to pull off winged eyeliner, blend concealer, or clean your beauty blender, you’re not alone. Makeup, nail care, and all types of beauty work can be a pain. But a few tricks can make your life smoother.

For instance, a cotton pad can save your compact powder, and you can exercise while deep conditioning your hair. Here are simple beauty hacks that you wish you knew sooner.

Apply Concealer As An Upside-Down Triangle


Concealer is designed to cover the dark circles under your eyes. Although it seems natural to apply it in raccoon-like circles, don’t. Instead, apply it as upside-down triangles underneath your eyes.

With this method, your skin will look more lifted, and the concealer will be better blended with the rest of your face. Draw the triangles with concealer and use your ring finger or a damp beauty sponge to smooth it. Afterward, set it with powder.