Healthy inputs for the autumn diet

A healthy diet, changes in routine, and fitness are the good resolutions for the fall. It is true that the new year begins on January 1st but, for many, the good intentions are settled in September. A great way to get better is to bring some healthy holiday habits in the city as well.

Healthy breakfast

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Always have a good breakfast

That breakfast is the most important meal of the day is now known to all but, despite this, many continue to skip it or rush it and eat little and badly.

A healthy and complete breakfast should also include a moment of relaxation. What you eat and drink early in the morning awakens your metabolism, instills a good mood, and also helps you lose weight. One of the most common mistakes of those who want to lose weight is just skipping breakfast, this wrong move does nothing but slow down the metabolism and increase hunger in subsequent meals, after which you tend to burn less and less.

The typical excuse of those who do not have breakfast during the year is the lack of time due to alarm clock, work, children. But this is a reason that can be eliminated by just setting the alarm a little earlier. In fact, a good meal and relaxing background music can only be good for the whole family, including children.


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What to eat? Greenlight for cereals, yogurt, wholemeal bread, jam, honey, soft-boiled eggs, and even a small knob of raw butter. Excellent choice of fruit, both fresh and dried, to fill up on vitamins and minerals.

And to drink? Coffee and tea awaken concentration and clarity while a good smoothie deeply hydrates.

In short, if on vacation you had got into the habit of dedicating more time and calm to breakfast, it’s time to adopt this custom throughout the year.

Keep sunbathing


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The sun is now considered a real enemy especially for damage to the skin. But with the right protection (30, 50 as a solar factor for everyone), the sun can become a real ally for the health of young and old, especially for the well-being of women. And by the sun we don’t mean overexposure to lizard-style rays on the beach but intelligent exposure to sunlight for a few minutes a day, even in winter and in the city.

Little exposure to sunlight and doing it every day is an excellent prevention against osteoporosis but also against some female diseases such as breast cancer.

Finally, exposure to sunlight has beneficial effects on some skin diseases as well as on mood, helping the body to produce serotonin.

Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables


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Thanks to the heat and the desire to be outdoors, in summer it is easier for people to choose to shop at the market and buy more seasonal fruit and vegetables. This habit is to be considered very healthy but it must not end with the return to the everyday routine, on the contrary. Changing the way you shop can be the beginning to change your daily diet in a positive way and opt for a healthy diet. Therefore, it is a good strategy to keep the habit of buying in the colorful stalls of the market (with a consequent surge in the mood) even throughout the rest of the year.

Choosing fresh seasonal fruit is a way to ensure a real supply of well-being, as well as to immediately strengthen the immune system in view of colds and various viruses typical of the first colds. In addition, increasing the quantity of fruit and vegetables (the WHO recommends the consumption of at least five portions of vegetables per day) helps in the prevention of degenerative diseases as well as in the elimination of excess pounds.

Variety and freshness thus become the healthy inputs for the autumn diet.