Most Consumers Wouldn’t Expect These Foods To Be Processed

Processed foods often have a negative connotation and are usually associated with junk foods with harmful chemicals. According to Eat Right, if a food is processed, it simply means that it has been “cooked, canned, frozen, packaged, or changed” as a way to preserve it. Not all processed foods are unhealthy. Bagged spinach, roasted nuts, and pre-cut vegetables are actually considered to be processed. Those who are curious about what other foods and drinks are processed should continue reading.

Why Herbal Tea Is Processed

Yevgeny Sofroneyev/Getty Images

Herbal tea comes straight from the earth, so it’s expected to be one of the most natural drinks. However, many herbal tea brands have to be modified before they hit the shelves.

Herbal tea can be made with several substances such as roots, seeds, dried and fresh flowers, and fruit. EcoSalon says that most herbal teas are extremely bitter, so they need to be processed to adjust the flavor. The tea becomes processed when it’s packaged into tea bags.