How to sleep well?

The goodnight cuddles to sleep peacefully and wake up in good shape trying to make your body rest is an art to be regained. It starts from the mind: fight stress, lack of concentration, drop in the immune system. The first rule? Listen to your own rhythms.

Relaxing sleep

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Goodnight pampering to sleep well

We are used to thinking about the number of hours we need in order to sleep well, yet we should start with evaluating numbers, which can differ from person to person and, moreover, are different depending on the season, age, period.

Rest is important and concerns the ability to relax, the good habit of slowing down when the day ends, and using the evening for activities that relax the mind and body. Avoid always working late, find relaxing moments in which to live your free time by dedicating yourself to what you love.

In the evening, avoid dwelling long on worries, problems, or things you will have to do the next day: highlight the problem, look at it, and then let it go. Instead, don’t forget to indulge in a fun chat or a dream movie, to go to sleep with a smile on your face. And remember that a sofa, a throw, and a good book are always good for your health.

Sleeping well is ensuring quality sleep for the body. Changing bad habits and indulging in pampering ensures a good night.

Sleeping with the partner: mood and emotions


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According to some scientific research, sleeping together reduces stress and increases the level of oxytocin. However, we do not sleep in the same way with everyone: the difficulty in sleeping with a certain person, who may also be part of our life, is a profound message of the unconscious that should not be underestimated.

According to scientific research from Great Britain, 80% of couples fall asleep without exchanging a kiss, a tenderness and, among the interviewees, one in four couples between the ages of 35 and 44 sleeps in separate rooms.

Is the good night kiss on the wane? Do not miss it with the children and also with the partner! We shouldn’t go to bed with anger in our hearts: before sleeping, make peace with those around you. Explain if there is something that hurts you and allow the other to see it. Do not go to sleep without a hug for the person you share the life with.

Sleep position and personality

Deep sleep

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How do you sleep? Sleeping in a correct position is important for the well-being of the body. Some scholars have also highlighted how the position in which one falls asleep is strongly correlated to some personality traits.

When sleep does not come: what to do?

There are periods, such as the change of seasons, in which the rhythm of nature and of the human body is revolutionized. We can have less sleep than normal. Sleep disturbances also occur due to worry, aging, strong emotions, and stress. Instead of stressing the organism in the anxious search for sleep at all costs, first of all, accept the situation. The body has reasons that sometimes we struggle to explain, yet it never fails.

Wrap yourself in a warm blanket, make some herbal tea, and sit in a comfortable position in bed or in a comfortable place. Read, knit, write a letter to someone faraway, meditate.